What To Do After Road Traffic Accident?

If you are one of those unlucky people who were involved in a road traffic accident, then these 5 tips about what to do after a road traffic accident are useful for you. If you take the right action without delays, you can save a lot of nerves and money. Stop This is a MUST […]

Interview With A Doctor: The Main Reason For Misdiagnosis

Why doctors are wrong? Why are patients’ diagnoses sometimes so far away from the truth? Professor Jerome Groopman from Harvard University believes that many mistakes happen not because of lack of equipment and not because of technical issues, but because of mistakes that doctors make when thinking. Jerome Groopman is the author of a book […]

Warmest Countries In Europe To Spend New Year’s Eve

Many of us prefer planning, especially when it comes to booking holidays abroad. The clock is ticking and every day we are one day closer to the end of this year, which means that you need to decide where to spend your New Year’s Eve (if you haven’t decided yet). Claims 24 have made a […]

5 Ways To Unfreeze Car Windows

A frozen car window is one of those things that make our mornings painful. So let’s get rid of this pain quickly and without too much effort. Here are 10 ways to unfreeze car windows: 1. Prevent icing While there are several ways to unfreeze frozen car windows they are all reactive. The easiest way […]

5 Delayed Injury Symptoms After An Accident

Generally, a road traffic accident is a terrible experience – no matter what the symptoms are. One might be shocked, the others – are confused, while some people can face disappointment, regrets, and various concerns. All these and other conditions, as well as the nature of the symptoms themselves,  make it complicated to evaluate one’s […]

What Are The Symptoms Of Holiday Illness?

A holiday is a time of the year when everything is supposed to be just perfect: beautiful weather, happy people, delicious food, a relaxing atmosphere, and no need to work. Therefore it is very normal to expect that everything would go according to plan, and it is very sad when an unexpected holiday illness ruins […]

Top 5 Causes Of Road Traffic Accidents In The UK

Although the United Kingdom has one of the lowest road traffic-related death rates in the World, minor accidents happen here quite often. Claims 24 has made a shortlist of the most common causes of road traffic accidents in the United Kingdom. Read it carefully and avoid these human mistakes to save not only yourself but others as […]

How To Drive Safely In Snow & Ice – Ultimate Guide For UK

The majority of us are used to driving in heavy rain but driving in winter conditions can be challenging even for the most experienced drivers in the UK. As we are not used to snow, our roads and cars might be not ready for heavy snow or storms. So what should you do if you […]

Accident Injury Compensation Claims

Wherever you are, our accident injury claims experts can help you! We have spent several years working hard to expand so we can serve the whole of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Now, no matter where you are in the UK, Claims 24 accident & injury claims experts can help you with your claim. […]

How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Many of us overpay for car insurance quotes and we spend a large amount of time searching for cheaper car insurance. One of the most popular car insurance quotes comparison websites confused.com provides a car insurance price index that provides an analysis of car insurance pricing in the UK. According to the index, insurance price has risen […]