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A holiday is a time of the year when everything is supposed to be just perfect: beautiful weather, happy people, delicious food, a relaxing atmosphere, and no need to work. Therefore it is very normal to expect that everything would go according to plan, and it is very sad when unexpected holiday illness ruins our deserved time of rest.

Holiday sickness can happen because of various reasons. Usually, these illnesses can be divided into two categories in terms of liability: sicknesses that were caused by a person's fault and sicknesses that were caused by the negligence of hotel personnel or the holiday organiser. It is of particular importance to distinguish who was at fault for your sickness because if it was not you, then you might be able to get compensation for your illness, all expenses related to your illness, inconvenience, moral damage, and other losses.

Symptoms of Holiday Illness

When talking about holiday illness, we refer only to illnesses that were caused by the hotel's or package holiday organiser's negligence. For example, if you got a cold or a sore throat because you had the maximum air conditioning on for too long, there is not much we can do to help you.

There are three main ways someone can become ill on holiday as a result of someone else negligence:

  1. By eating/drinking contaminated food.
  2. By using the hotel's swimming pool.
  3. By sleeping in a parasite-infected bed.

In all of these situations, it is almost impossible to know about the danger since microbes, bacteria, viruses, bugs, and parasites are not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, only the symptoms of sickness can show that you are suffering from food poisoning or bedbugs. Here are the most common symptoms of these illnesses:

Symptoms of Food Poisoning on Holiday:

  • Feeling sick (Nausea)
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Temperature
  • Muscle Aches
Plate full of food

Ever wonder how could you get food poisoning on holiday? Just think about everything you ate or drank while staying at the hotel. The most popular reasons why food poisoning occurs are not thoroughly prepared food, food which was stored at the wrong temperature, insufficient reheating of food, sick restaurant personnel who forgot to wash their hands before touching or sneezed into the food, and usage of food which is out of date. If you like raw foods, you should be particularly aware of getting food poisoning, since raw food, as well as milk and its products, are very susceptible to being infected with bacteria.

You can become ill because of the drinks you drank as well. Drinks can become infected with the ice or fruits (usually lemons or limes) used in cocktails or smoothies. If the bar attender was infected with bacteria and touched the ice or fruits with their hands (in the vast majority of cases they do), the drink contains the bacteria as well. Even children can become sick because of juices or smoothies since they usually come with ice.

Do you think that you have been affected by food poisoning? Read more about it or contact us directly to start your claim.

Symptoms of Pool Infection on Holiday

Swimming pool overlooking the city

Even the clearest pool can be infected. Believe it or not, it is not that rare. Since the pool is a place where bacteria and bugs can spread very quickly due to being warm and wet, it is necessary to take care of the pool daily. Even one day without proper maintenance can make someone's holiday a complete disaster. For example, it would be enough for a child who had diarrhea to spend a few minutes in the pool to infect it.

Here are the most common symptoms of pool infection:

Ears infection: muffled hearing, fever, dizziness, itching, swelling, blood-stained discharge from the ear.
Skin rash: itchy body parts, rash (red, bumpy spots, or pus-filled blisters)
Diarrhea: sickness, fever, abdominal cramps, vomiting.

Does it sound familiar? Here is more information about pool infections.

Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites

4-poster holiday bed with netting

As the name infers- you would see small bites on your body. They can appear together with a red, swollen area around each bite. There is a very informative article about bed bugs on the NHS website where you can find everything you need to know about bed bugs:

If you have discovered that you have had bed bug bites, we can help you to claim. Contact us today for a free consultation or read more about bed bugs on our website.

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