Claiming Not At Fault Accident – Insurance Vs Private Companies

Date Posted: January 24, 2023

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Have you been injured in an accident?

Was the accident not your fault?

Did it happen within the last 3 years?

If you answered “YES!” to all three questions you may have a valid compensation claim. What can you do about this?

Well, you have three options.

  1. You can ignore it
  2. You can give the claim to your insurance company
  3. Or you can give it to us

What’s the difference?


After a non-fault accident, you may feel some pain which might occur either straight away or after some time. You might think that it is normal to feel pain after an accident, however, it isn’t. You must visit your GP. If you choose to do nothing about it then you would have to pay for your prescriptions and rehabilitation after the accident from your pocket. If it was a road traffic accident you might pay for vehicle damages or a new vehicle as well. The main disadvantage here is that the accident will cost you a lot even though you were not at fault. It is pretty unfair that you need to suffer pain, inconvenience, and pay for something you were not responsible for.


To get justice and compensation for your financial losses, you might decide to proceed with your claim. Usually, when you report the accident to an insurance company, they will ask if you want to begin a claim. You can decide immediately or call them back later.

By law your insurance company is not able to deal with your claim directly – the law requires an independent solicitor to deal with it. Therefore they will give your claim to their partners which might have their own terms and conditions which you may not be aware of or agree with. Furthermore, even if your insurance company has good reviews, the feedback about their solicitors might not be good. Secondly, your no claim bonus will be lost and next year’s insurance premium will get higher which means that part of your compensation will be for covering next year’s costs for insurance. Finally, insurance companies get hundreds of claims every day and don’t have enough staff to oversee the process, so the quality of customer service, as well as the final amount of compensation, might be not as high as you expected. Once you receive a cheque with compensation, you cannot claim for the same accident again if there are long-term injuries or insufficient compensation was awarded.


Our solicitors are experts and have over 30 years of experience in helping clients receive maximum compensation. We do not contact the client’s insurance company, which saves your no claim bonus and helps with next year’s insurance. We are a firm that specialises in claims assistance services, so all of our time and efforts are dedicated to making you happy and supporting you throughout the whole process. Moreover, we provide support and advice during all stages of the claim, so you can feel relaxed, informed, and on top of everything. Finally, since we work on a no win no fee basis, we do not need any upfront payments -, if we fail to settle your case, you will not pay us a penny! And if we win your case, our costs are met by the fault party’s insurers, so again, you end up with 100% compensation*. We do our best to make the compensation amount as high as possible and can settle the claim as quickly as 4-24 weeks (depending on the situation). We work with personal injuryholiday sickness, and medical negligence claims.

*T&C apply

Are you interested in fair compensation?

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