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Road Traffic Accident Claims

Road Traffic Accidents can occur without warning to anyone. If you have been in an accident that wasn't your fault, you are legally entitled to make a claim for compensation, regardless of whether you were the driver or passenger.

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Am I Entitled To Make A Claim?

You may have been travelling in a vehicle as a driver or passenger when the vehicle was involved in a collision with another vehicle or object. Being involved in a road traffic accident can leave you with injuries varying from minor whiplash to an injury far more severe.
If you have suffered any injuries following a road traffic accident including back and neck pains, you may be entitled to make a claim for personal injury using our panel of local and national solicitors.

At Claims24, we can assist you in making your claim to obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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Road Traffic Accident Claims Experts

We work with England’s leading Personal Injury Solicitors to assist you during the process of a compensation claim. Our client’s needs are important to us and helping our clients to recover both physically and financially is our main priority.
Though road traffic accidents are typically associated with whiplash-type injuries, they can also consist of both physical and psychological injuries such as trauma. We'll run a thorough assessment to ensure you get the right amount of compensation.
We have helped countless people make successful claims with settlements of up to £5000 for minor whiplash injuries, as well as settling claims worth several million pounds for more serious and catastrophic accident injuries.

Road Traffic Accident Claims

Whatever the circumstances of your accident, Claims 24 are here to help.

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Bus Accident Claims

Government regulations state that bus and coach operators have a duty of care for the safety of their passengers whilst travelling. If you've been injured physically or psychologically due to a bus accident, we can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

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What are Whiplash Injuries?

Whiplash injuries are a common injury suffered during road traffic accidents. Whiplash occurs when there is a sudden displacement of the neck caused by jolting forwards, backwards or side-wards. Whiplash can cause pain, tenderness, stiffness and restricted movement of the neck. The symptoms can also extend to headaches, dizziness and pains in your arms and back. In some cases of chronic (severe) whiplash, it can take up to 12 months for the injured person to recover. However, this prognosis period can be a lot longer for some people, especially for those where the accident impact was severe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to make a claim?

You typically have around 3 years to start your road traffic accident claim from the date of the accident.
There are exceptions to the three-year rule in some cases, so if you think you might have a claim we advise you to contact us as soon as possible so we can determine your chances for successful compensation.

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How much compensation could I receive?

The amount of compensation varies depending on the type of accident, the severity of the injury, and the individual situation as each person can be affected differently.

As the amount varies case to case, our personal injury solicitors can assess your situation and provide you with a more accurate quote. For a quick estimate on how much you could be entitled to, why not visit our claims calculator?

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What can I claim for?

Depending on your case you can claim for both general and special losses.
General losses include the amount of pain and suffering the injury caused which will be set by a medical expert after an examination.
Special losses include:
• Travel Expenses
• Medical Care & Prescription Costs
• Rehabilitation
• Loss of Earnings
• Household Assistance & Adaptations
• Vehicle Damage

How To Claim

Can I make a claim for someone else?

Our clients are welcome to make compensation claims on behalf of their children or provide claim details of their friends and relatives with who they were with.

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Can I make a claim if the accident was my fault?

To put it simply, you cannot claim against yourself. If you are 100% sure that you are the only one to blame for an accident, injury, illness or misdiagnosis then unfortunately you can not make a claim. However, if it was a road traffic accident, any other people who were travelling with you and suffered injuries can make a claim.

In some types of situations, one or another party can be at partial fault. If you think this might be the case, we advise you to contact us for a free consultation where we will distinguish your chances to claim.

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